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Blessings from Pujya Sant Shri Morari Bapu

“…Very well planned and carefully produced ‘Learn Hindi’ to help those desirous of learning Hindi at Home…I am sure this book will open new horizons for Indians living abroad. It will also be useful internationally to the English speaking people to learn our national language Hindi easily.”
The Honorable Shri Morarjibhai Desai, Former Prime Minister of India

“…From the beginning to the end this book ‘Learn Gujarati’ displays careful planning with highly imaginative and synthetic approach…The book has a unity of its own…This has been accomplished with great skill, which will serve the need of both the young and the old…”
(Late) Zinabhai Desai ‘Sneharashmi’, Author, Poet – Educator

“. . . ‘Learn Gujarati’ is a very fine book written by the author.. The author has taken all pains to make it useful and lucid both…I am sure this book will certainly help those who are interested in learning Gujarati through English.”
Prof. P. V. Mangalwedhekar, Principal, GLS Arts College, Ahmedabad

“…The author’s contribution, in preserving and enhancing pride and reputation of Gujarat, Gujaratis and Gujarati Language in foreign countries through this book, is unparallel in the history…This book will help keep the Gujarati language, literature and culture alive and flourishing for generations to come.”
Prof. Dinkerrai Mehta, GLS Arts College, Ahmedabad

“….’Learn Hindi’, a book that recommends itself…it is well designed and self explanatory which any one can use at any suitable time without the help of teacher…”
India Journal, Santa Fe Springs, CA

“…the free fonts, the interactive pronunciation exercises and the careful attention to writing fundamentals make “Learn Hindi” a valuable tool.”
India West, San Leandro, CA

“…I am most impressed with your fine book ‘Learn Hindi’. As an Indian my heart swells with pride that a fellow brother has done such a remarkable work. You have made us Indians proud. You have performed a great service not only to the nation but also to our Indian culture. Your books are truly three in one with grammar + composition and cultural values conveyed through simple prose and classic poetry…”
K. S., (poet) Secunderabad, India

“…If every cultured Gujarati family has this book and the CD-ROM in their home to help the new generation speak, read, and write, then the future of the Gujarati language will be bright…”
Garavi Gujarat, London

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Thanks very much. I have received the book and the software. I’m very happy with the software – I’ve tried many CD’s and cassettes, and by far this is superior to all that I’ve tried. I’m looking forward to truly learning Hindi now!
R. K., Woodinville, WA

“… Going through the book, both my wife and myself were lost in our childhood. The book has brought back many of our child hood memories. We have two children….Both of them are excited to see this book. Learning has become much more easier for them. Author has done a great service to ‘ Gujaratis ‘ all over the world. I was extremely delighted to read the later chapters, which have included famous Gujaratis as well as some of the poems. I feel that your book should be at every Gujarati’s home who live abroad.”
K. & K., Lewiston, PA

“With a product like this, the USA will soon be speaking Gujarati, Thanks.”
B. B., Phoenix, AZ

“Impressive. I was especially pleased to receive installable fonts!”
K. P., New Orleans, LA

“..Once again thank you for calling me and providing me the prompt technical support. My children are enjoying this CD in addition to the book.”
H. P., Moline, IL

“What an easy way to learn a foreign language I have not come across a single product that offers so much for so little…Besides it is the only complete language learning system presently available. You are to be commended for your efforts in making these CDs attractive, unique and incredibly easy to use…I want to know about all your future products..”
L. P., Plainsboro, NJ

“…I found what I was exactly looking for. Please send me five sets of each CD-ROM with book, which I would like to give as gift to my friends and relatives…This is a must for any one who wants to thoroughly learn Hindi or Gujarati languages at home without any help from any teacher, I am convinced…”
D. T., Fremont, CA

“One who has not seen the contents of these CD-ROMs will not be able to imagine what they have to offer. Rush my order, I want my own copy as soon as possible…”
T. P., Raleigh, NC

“…Both your CD-ROMs and books on the Gujarati and Hindi Languages are excellent. They make learning easy and self explanatory. I am delighted that my children are improving their language skills rapidly and are having fun doing it…”
H. S., Jacksonville, NC

“…The CD-ROM and book are excellent, One-of-a-kind. It is also user friendly and compatible with my computer. I would highly recommend these products to any one wanting to learn Hindi or Gujarati languages. I had searched the Internet for quite a while before finding: and when I saw what the books & CD-ROMs could do, I could not wait to get my hands on them…”
B. P., Irvine, CA