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Kirit N. Shah is dedicated to providing customers with the best of Indian Languages in the form of various products including Books, Texts, Multimedia Interactive CDROMs, Guides and much more through web addresses: www.sakshar.com and www.kaanacademy.org
We have a team of dedicated people who generate products that teach the right language. With products such as the Learn Gujarati Book, Learn Gujarati CDROM, Learn Hindi Book and Learn Hindi CDROM already on the world market, Kirit N. Shah is planning to roll out a host of other language related products in the months ahead.

In addition to the production and sale of Indian language products, Kirit N. Shah is also active in providing services in areas of Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry at www.starsnu.org and Ayurveda at www.ayurveda4u.org


We recommend our products because no other product in the market that has all these features, nor there is any product available to learn these languages thoroughly.

The unique features of our products are:

  1. Easy Autorun, requiring no installation or specific computer knowledge.
  2. Fundamentals, Vocabulary (More than 2150 words), Complete Grammar, Prose & Poetry.
  3. Idioms, Proverbs, Day to Day Conversational Sentences in more than 25 categories.
  4. Native Male & Female Professional Voices teach you accurate pronunciation.
  5. Practice and learn by recording your voice and comparing it to native voices.
  6. Games to test your progress as well as many exercises to test your knowledge.
  7. Print option for printing out writing exercises (CD version).
  8. True Type Fonts and easy-to-use Key Map for Typing, Preparing Greeting Cards or Invitations, and Sending E-mails in the corresponding language.
  9. Pronunciations of all words are included in CDs that are included in the books.
  10. Menu driven, easy-to-use navigation with background music that can be turned off.
  11. Hide and Show Text in English and the language being learned to help test progress.
  12. Each CD has corresponding books with all information. Books are available in softcover and hardcover versions.
  13. An option to scramble the words allows you to monitor your ability to recall the words learned.
  14. Online and toll-free Technical Support within United States with a reputable U.S. Corporation.
  15. Books have indexes of English words where their meaning is also given in the language being learned.
  16. Each book/CD includes selections of popular songs and poetry written by famous authors in the corresponding language.
  17. Translation exercises are provided, and serve dual purpose. In addition to learning the language, the text offes some meaningful philosophical content from ancient Indian scriptures.
  18. Learn Gujarati CD has information about Gujarat including Geography, places of Interest and famous Gujaratis.
  19. Lifetime future upgrades of Sakshar.com products are provided for the cost of shipping and handling.
  20. Prices are lowest when both Hindi and Gujarati CDs are ordered at the same time, with or without any books.